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  • Fancy, Fabulous, Flouncing, Flamingos!

    Posted on June 25 2017

    I refuse to create fashion that is specifically for winter or the cooler parts of the year. Those lower temperatures make up only 25% of our calendar year, so why...

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  • Louella DeVille Clothing

    Posted on January 08 2017

    In 2016 I launched my own line of pinup & rockabilly clothing!With many more designs and prints to come in 2017 I have been overwhelmed at the praise and support...

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  • Why My Petticoats Are the BEST!

    Posted on October 11 2016

    For as far back as I can remember, petticoats have always been a subject that is on the tips of pinups tongues. The most common statements I hear are: "THEY...

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  • Good Tees for Bad Girls!

    Posted on October 07 2016

    Another successful collaboration with Bonsai Kitten has finally launched at Louella DeVille Boutique. The Bad Girl Tees are designed by Bek the stores owner and produced exclusively for the store...

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  • Alternative Art Deco Looks

    Posted on September 09 2016

    Can we just talk pants for a moment? I know lots of women can be scared of the high waisted and wide legged pant... but these beautiful Jackson trousers in...

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  • Racing Into Spring

    Posted on September 02 2016

    Spring has sprung! Not that you'd believe it, with Sydney's absolutely dismal weather today! Today in the studio, I shot 4 must-have spring racing carnival looks.  Check them out! The new...

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  • Cables & Borders

    Posted on July 30 2016

    The hottest pretties at Louella DeVille right now are cable knit sweaters & cardigans and also border print skirts! I mean seriously though, how can they not be?These gorgeous skirts...

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  • Fanola Hair Styling Products

    Posted on July 28 2016

    I am always on the hunt for new styling products that aren't sticky, crispy, and most importantly not damaging to my hair as I only use heat when it comes...

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  • It's WINTER. It's COLD. I don't wanna PINUP!

    Posted on July 07 2016

    STOP THOSE THOUGHTS RIGHT NOW!I know it's cold! I know it's windy! I know! I know! I KNOW! I work out of a huge factory so it does get pretty...

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  • Accessorising with Louella DeVille!

    Posted on July 01 2016

    A detailed blog this month about some of the new products that have arrived recently! One of the number one things I am asked is how to style outfits and how...

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  • Autumn Leaves & Awesome Coats

    Posted on June 03 2016

    Well the winter weather has definately arrived! The caramel coloured leaves have dropped from the trees and the icey winds are definately making themselves known.   This past weekend, we...

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